Do you provide all the food and utensils?

We provide lunch from the first day to lunch on the last day and all meals in between. We provide all utensils you do need to bring a water bottle (at least 24 ounces or larger) and a drinking mug (for coffee, tea, coco, etc.).

On the day rafting trip we provide a deli style lunch, water and lemonade, you need to bring a water bottle.

If I’m new to whitewater rafting, should I only do a day trip?

We get a lot of guests who have never taken an expedition like this before. We provide you with the necessary guidance to comfortably take a four or five day raft trip as a novice. If you are still hesitant to take a long excursion a scenic day trip is a great starting place to see if you are interested in river trips.

Will there be breaks, so we can explore?

On our multi day raft trips we lead multiple hikes and side tours off the river. Depending on the groups interests, camp sites, weather, etc. your guides will determine the best options for exploration.

What’s the difference between the Green River and the Yampa River?

Both rivers are phenomenal trips and have their own highlights. The Green River is available for rafting all summer long. The Yampa River is determined by snow pack and is an early season river rafting trip from Mid May to Mid/late June. Depending on your availability for a river trip either trip is worth taking you will not be disappointed.

What are the bathroom facilities?

The bathroom or as your guides will call it the “Groover” is a portable river camp toilet system. This system is easy to setup, sanitary and is placed in a discrete and private location at each campsite with an incredible view. Your guides will give you details on how to use the “Groover” at your first night’s camp. 

What is an acceptable tip?

Your guides work exceptionally hard, and receiving a gratuity is graciously appreciated. An average tip is $20.00 to $30.00 per person per day on multi day trips. For one day raft trips an average tip is 15% of your groups total fare.