Do I need to bring my own camping gear for overnight trips?

We provide a large dry bag for your overnight gear and a small dry bag for your day stuff. We have available for rent sleeping kits. A sleeping bag, pillow and pad is available for $40.00 per person. Tents are available for rent $20.00 a tent, we have 2 and 4 person tents depending on your needs. If you would like to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, pad you are more than welcome to do so.

How large are the dry bags you provide?

At the pre-trip meeting the evening before your trip departs we will provide you with your bags. That will give you the evening to pack. You will receive 2 dry bags, one large (24” Tall, 18” wide) this bag will hold your sleeping bag, pillow, camping pad and personal gear. One small (16” tall, 8” wide) in this bag you will put stuff that you will need during the day. 

Do you provide all the food and utensils?

We provide lunch from the first day to lunch on the last day and all meals in between. We provide all utensils you do need to bring a water bottle (at least 24 ounces or larger) and a drinking mug (for coffee, tea, coco, etc.).

On the day rafting trip we provide a deli style lunch, water and lemonade, you need to bring a water bottle.

Is it a good idea to bring a camera or my phone?

Yes the scenery is incredible and you will want to have photos of your vacation. It is a good idea to have a way to keep your camera water proof as you will be getting wet often. There is no cell phone service bringing your phone is a risk. Have extra batteries and storage cards for your camera.

What are the bathroom facilities?

The bathroom or as your guides will call it the “Groover” is a portable river camp toilet system. This system is easy to setup, sanitary and is placed in a discrete and private location at each campsite with an incredible view. Your guides will give you details on how to use the “Groover” at your first night’s camp. 

Does each person in our group need a water bottle?

ch person in your group will want their own water bottle. You will be very active and dehydration can be a serious health problem. We recommend a large water bottle at least 24 ounces or larger. Each raft carries plenty of drinking water and it is accessible at all times throughout the day.

Do I need rain gear?

Yes, yes, yes. We get asked often if rain gear is necessary on a desert river. We say yes, decent quality rain gear will make a big difference in your comfort if wet weather happens on your trip. You may not use the rain pants and jacket on your trip. But if it did rain you would be comfortable.