Vernal Utah Dinosaurland

24 Hours in the Dinosaur era

24 hours in the Dinosaur Era Until mad scientists take Jurassic Park from the green screen to real life Vernal, Utah is the closest you can get to living in the Dinosaur Era. The bones haven’t been converted into living, breathing, teeth bearing dinosaurs. Here in Vernal there is a lot of evidence that the […]

Native American Rock Art

Colorado’s Yampa River Archaeology

Yampa River and its Archaeology: Atlantis of the Desert Travel back 1400 years when taking a Yampa River raft trip and seeing its amazing archaeology. Imagine that you are walking up and down a river bed gathering food, storing it in a shady cave along with sacred necklaces made from feathers of birds collected thousands […]

Dinosaur National Monument

Thank You

Thank you seems to small. Only eight letters to express the rivers of gratitude to each of you. It’s laughable that eight would be enough, for without you our lives as river guides would be undeniably different.  Let me explain. Each of you that travels down the river, allows us to live and breathe in […]

Single track mountain biking Vernal Utah

7 Must Do Outdoor Activities in Utah

7 Must Do Outdoor Activities in Utah  Whitewater Rafting the Gates of Lodore on the Green River The Green River meanders through the Utah/Colorado border but is so spectacular we had to keep it number 1 on our list. Entering through the Gates of Lodore sends you on a 44-mile expedition through technical whitewater rapids […]

Gates of Lodore

White water river rafting in Utah and Colorado 5 amazing canyons

5 Best Canyons to White Water River Raft in Utah and Colorado: The Yampa The Yampa River Canyon, sometimes referred to by as a “little Grand Canyon” is potentially the most beautiful place in the state of Colorado. Located just a short distance outside of Vernal, Utah, the Yampa River is an amazing combination of […]

Green River Gates of Lodore Dinosaur National Monument four day white water river rafting trip Colorado and Utah

White Water Rafting For Beginners

White Water Rafting for Beginners White water rafting can be intimidating, especially if your only perspective is from the adventure documentary Congo: The Grand Inga Project. You might be thinking to yourself.  “These people are insane! I don’t want to die in crocodile infested waters, with beaches unsafe for camping, where literally everyone dies!”  Well […]

Great Valentine's Day Adventures

Great Valentine’s Day Adventures

Utah’s Best Outdoor Valentine’s Day Destinations Are you an outdoorsy couple, struck by cupid’s arrow but stumped on how to celebrate your love?  Look at Utah’s most romantic ways to spend the day with nature. Dog Sledding in the Uintah Mountains   Take a ride in the charming Uintah Mountains with some of these adorable […]

Steinaker State Park Vernal, Utah

Steinaker State Park Vernal, Utah

Everything to know about Steinaker State Park located near Vernal, Utah   Utah is famous for its National Monuments and National Parks. A great secret about Utah is its incredible state parks. When visiting Vernal, Utah for one of our white-water rafting trips we recommend taking a little extra time and check out one of […]

Best Season For River Rafting

Best Season For River Rafting

Best Time of Year to Raft!   The time of year you book your river trip will have a dramatic impact on what your trip is like, choosing the right time for you, will help give the trip you are looking for.   Late May to early June is a beautiful time of year in […]

4th Graders get a National Parks Pass for FREE!

4th Graders get a National Parks Pass for FREE!

The Ultimate Kids Trip: 4th graders and their families get in to the Monument for FREE. I have the reputation as the “kids” guide at Dinosaur River Expeditions. Every time there’s a trip with someone under the age of 13, they are inevitably my favorite guest (sorry adults). I can talk for hours with a […]