4th Graders get a National Parks Pass for FREE!

The Ultimate Kids Trip: 4th graders and their families get in to the Monument for FREE. I have the reputation as the “kids” guide at Dinosaur River Expeditions. Every time there’s a trip with someone under the age of 13, they are inevitably my favorite guest (sorry adults). I can talk for hours with a […]

Unplugging, What to Expect

Unplugging, What to Expect One of the greatest perks of going on a river rafting trip is the lack of cell phone service and internet connection. Today the average American spends over 10 hours looking at a screen every day and the rise of social media is linked with a rise in mental health disorders […]

Flaming Gorge Green River Rafting One Day Trips

Flaming Gorge One Day River Rafting On Utah’s Green River Looking for an adventure that has great scenery, fun rapids and you are only out for a day? Try a guided float trip on Utah’s Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam. This is the most popular stretch of the Green River with people rafting and […]

White Water Dory Trip Green River Gates of Lodore

Lodories Author: Brad Dimock It was another in a long series of preposterous ideas pursued by Dory Moon Expeditions. The Canyon of Lodore–the steepest, rockiest stretch of the Green and Colorado–in wooden dories full of gear and people. A stretch of water usually so desiccated by Flaming Gorge Dam’s paltry releases that it is all […]

Green River Gates of Lodore white water river rafting Dinosaur National Monument Colorado

Green River Gates of Lodore White Water Rafting

White Water River Rafting the Green River Gates of Lodore Dinosaur National Monument   Beginning in Brown’s Park, Colorado the Green River Gates of Lodore river rafting adventure takes its travelers on a 44 mile journey through the center of Dinosaur National Monument. This white water river rafting trip is a favorite among veteran river […]

Utah One Day River Rafting

One Day White Water River Rafting Trips On The Green River.  Vernal, Utah has some excellent white water river rafting opportunities from one day river rafting trips to five day expeditions in Dinosaur National Monument and the Flaming Gorge Recreation area. In our opinion the best river rafting Utah has to offer is based out of Vernal […]

Yampa River white water rafting Dinosaur National Monument

Yampa River Rafting Dinosaur National Monument

The Yampa River The Yampa River is one of the most prized stretches of river in the American West. The Yampa River received its name from the Snake Indians word for the Perideridia plant “Yampah”. The plant was found abundant in the watershed. The headwaters of the Yampa River are in the Park Range of Colorado […]

Family fun in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument

A river rafting adventure is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. First of all, you lose cell phone signal so the office is not calling you and your kids cannot text their friends non-stop. You truly get to unplug from the electronic life. Second who doesn’t want to float beautiful […]

Who’s taking me on this river adventure?

A river rafting trip is an incredible experience a vacation that you will remember for your lifetime. The river canyons sell themselves, the quiet lull of the river, the rush of the white water, unbelievable scenery landscapes that are magical. The Green River through the Gates of Lodore Canyon and the Yampa River are our […]

Top 5 Things To Do When Visiting Vernal, Utah

#1 – White Water River Rafting Dinosaur River Expeditions is the only locally owned and operated outfitter in the area. Vernal, Utah and the Northeastern corner of Utah has several amazing white water river rafting options to choose from. The Green River Begins in central Wyoming and winds its way through Utah and the corner […]