Dinosaur National Monument wildlife

dinosaur national monument in Vernal, Utah

Dinosaur National Monument canyon wall art

Dinosaur National Monument is a hidden gem in our countries National Park system. From its early beginnings the massive find of dinosaur fossils was the crowd pleaser. The dinosaur quarry is home to the most unique array of exposed dinosaur bones anywhere. At the quarry you can view the fossils in the rock wall where nature and scientists have exposed them for all to see. The dinosaur find brought my family to the Vernal, UT region in the early 1900’s where my great grandfather was a wagon master hauling the fossils to the railway for shipment to the Carnegie Museum. My great uncle Roy “Pop” Kay was a world famous Paleontologist who specialized in the miniature dinosaurs of the Jurassic time period. He loved to study the mouse sized dinosaur fossils found throughout the Vernal, Utah area.

Dinosaur National Monument is famous for the fossils but draws thousands of visitors every year for the spectacular river running on the Green River and Yampa River which flow through the monument boundaries. The river canyons continue to leave an impression on its travelers that they urn to return for a river trip every summer.

view of the green river in dinosaur national monument

Dinosaur National Monument also has some great Native American history. The Fremont and Ute tribes inhabited the region for thousands of years leaving their mark on the canyon walls with incredible rock art. Archeologists travel distances near and far to study these ancient drawings called petroglyphs and pictographs. Places like McKee Springs and Jones Hole Creek are must stops to take a minute and view the rock art.

Having spent a lifetime traveling the canyons of Dinosaur National Monument, we have not even begun to see all it's treasures. Come expereience this natural beauty for yourself.